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Bending Gooseneck Tube


We set up tube bend & machining OEM work centre for clients  in 2006, the tube material include stainless steel, aluminum, common iron, steel. The available tube outer diameter from 2mm~50mm, tube thickness from 0.4mm~5mm, tube bend arc radius from 2mm~500mm, we can bend the tube with any shapes according to client's request or drawing .

Currently, we bend tube and do anodize black surface for high quality microphone, stainless steel tube and polish for probe purpose. Welcome to contact us for tube bend & machining business, we would provide you the best service and goods according to your design or request.

For special use, we would do machining work on the bend tube according to client's request, For example, machining screw male or screw female thread on tube, machining groove on tube, drill  hole on the tube with any direction angle. For some tube, we can add punch hole by molding according to client's request.

We do the request surface disposal for our client on the tube. For example, electrophoresis black, zincification, chromeplate, plate silver, gold, brass, anodize black, bake color lacquer, polish etc.

Applications widely used in LED lamp, lighting, microphone, headset, earphone, camera, USB products, medical and detection equipment, consumer electronics, decoration and so on.

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