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Gooseneck Support Scanner


1. OD10XID5XL177mm, Chromeplate gooseneck tube can support above 250 grams, mainly use for support scanners.

2. Designed with 1/4'' Screw Male end fittings, the fittings cut two plate for fixed the base plastic parts, supplied one pieces Wing style 1/4'' screw nut for easy assembly

3. Designed with 1/4'' Screw Female end fittings, the fittings cut two plate for fixed the scanner plastic holder, supplied one pieces 1/4'' screw female and spring washer for easy assembly.

4. Chromeplate disposal let the gooseneck ass' y beautiful and shinny, keep the gooseneck tube from rust and easy for cleaning

5. The gooseneck tube ass' y can be RoHS compliant and provide material certificate

6. Can produce the gooseneck tube with different size according to client's request, welcome to contact us for further discuss.
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