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Flexible Tube Bracket


1. OD80mm round base with 2 pre-drilled holes easy for mounted to the wall.

2. OD16mm rigid metal tube fixed to the round base by screw, it is easily loosen for cleaning and fix  back.
3. OD14mm gooseneck tube connected with the rigid tube and fixed with a M8X1 screw fittings at the end, easy for mounting and releaseing the mirror, the gooseneck tube can keep 2KG weight mirror at horizon level. The mirror on the gooseneck tube can be adjusted at any direction at users will.
4. The mirror gooseneck tube bracket after chromeplate surface disposal is rust-proof  and bright  in color .we can coat any color PVC or plate color zincification for clients.
5. Regarding the shape and dimension, we are happy and willing to change according to customer's request.
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